At the time of writing this, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic that has turned our lives upside down. The knock-on effects have been enormous, and we will continue to see the fallout for months and years to come.

In my day job, I am the Chief Executive at Citizens Advice Wokingham — an advice and information provider, supporting our communities in Berkshire. Since 19th March 2020, we have delivered a ‘One Front Door’ service for the borough — essentially, there is no wrong reason to call. Facing any sort of issue? Then our staff and…

As we started the new year people wanted change. For 2021 to be the year we can properly recover from a pandemic which has turned all of our lives upside down, and for so many, resulted in the loss of friends and loved ones.

Heading straight into a lockdown with more uncertainty, unsure on when we will be able to bounce back, those hopes were crushed.

I’m looking forward to the days I can return to sunny Wales for a nice walk!

We are seeing more and more people feeling the impact on their mental health and wellbeing, issues around finances, job security and of course concerns around health.

For me, I truly have been through…

The coronavirus pandemic has rocked all of our lives this year — I just wanted to take a moment at the end of this year to reflect on what our team at Citizens Advice Wokingham has done.

Video calls — a familiar sight over 2020

What a difficult and challenging year this has been. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the pandemic in terms of ill health, loss of loved ones and issues from the consequences of dealing with coronavirus, such as the loss of jobs, hardship and the impacts on mental health.

We knew from the start that at Citizens Advice Wokingham, we had a…

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has substantially rocked the country and the world. We’re heading through really challenging and difficult times, and many individuals and families continue to feel the knock-on effects of the global pandemic.

We are seeing unemployment rising, and an announcement this week that the UK has fallen into recession. This is really difficult for people across our communities.

At the start of the pandemic, we promised the people of Wokingham Borough that Citizens Advice Wokingham would be here to help you through this, to ensure that no-one felt left behind — but also that we would continue…

CEO of Citizens Advice Wokingham, Jake Morrison, talks about our marathon livestream

I’ve experienced issues with my mental health for as long as I can remember. It’s affected my career, relationships and daily life. I started to talk about my mental health openly following a post I put up on LinkedIn, talking about my challenges and the realities of living with my mental health. The pandemic has led to further intense feeling of ups and downs. Many people reached out to me, particularly in our service, to share similar experiences. I realised there was a passion to do something — so that is what we did!

On Tuesday 28 July we held…

Every day over the last 20 months I’ve been proud to work as Chief Executive here at Citizens Advice Wokingham.

As we begin our search for four new trustees to join our board, I wanted to tell you all about why I think you’ll be joining a great charity and some of the challenges we face.

Feedback from our clients during 2019

What is Citizens Advice Wokingham?
We are a small charity making a big difference. We have 80 volunteers, 12 part-time staff and eight trustees.

A panel of our staff, trustees and volunteers

We exist because people in our communities often need a helping hand…

Over the last 12 weeks, 2,489 people have relied on our support. That’s nearly as many as we helped in the whole of 2019 (2,641), and more than we helped in 2018 (2,379).

2,057 people received help with an issue related to the coronavirus pandemic – whether that was needing a prescription collecting, help accessing food or issues at home — our team of volunteers answered all of their queries, and continue to do so.

Right through the lockdown, with our ‘One Front Door’, we have ensured that no-one feels left behind, with one phone number to call for any…

We believe that no-one should be left behind, to struggle on their own. That’s why the Citizens Advice service has provided support in our communities for over 80 years.

That is why we, at Citizens Advice Wokingham, stepped up as the coronavirus pandemic escalated.

As a key charity in our communities, we provide advice and information to people week-in week-out to overcome their problems. We empower people to sort out their financial situation — looking at benefits, helping them budget and understand their debts including repayment plans and other options, we look at employment including fairness and discrimination, and we…

Every day over the last 17 months I’ve been proud to work as Chief Executive here at Citizens Advice Wokingham.

Whilst we start our search for a new Chair, I wanted to take the opportunity to write about why I think you should be considering it.

Feedback from our clients during 2019

Citizens Advice Wokingham is a small local charity making a big impact across our communities, and we are proud to be part of the wider Citizens Advice network.

Our story started in 1977, when the Town Clerk in Wokingham, Richard Rees, made it his mission to have a Citizens Advice based in the area…

It has been a big year for us all at Citizens Advice Wokingham and we had a great time last week celebrating the year, thanking our colleagues at our Christmas party.

Citizens Advice Wokingham staff and volunteers

We provide free, confidential, independent and impartial advice and information to anyone who needs it, living or working in Wokingham Borough — since 1977.

We are a member organisation of Citizens Advice, with a network of 270 local charities and our national body. This enables us to share experience, skills, knowledge and ideas to respond to problems in different ways.

This is my first full calendar year as Chief…

Jake Morrison

Chief Executive at Citizens Advice Wokingham

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